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road this afternoon. abc 2 news sherral joins us live. >> reporter: we are in the 10,000 block of bird river road right here in middle river. behind us you can see that homicide detectives are outside of this home where we understand an 85 year old woman and an 85 year old man were found dead by a family member this afternoon. joining us now live is a spokes woman. i understand that a note was found inside that home. >> there was a note. this is a married couple. they were found deceased in the living room. there is no foul play suspected in this case. >> reporter: are police calling this a murder suicide? >> that's right. this is an apparent murder suicide. >> reporter: how did the man and woman died? >> they both died from a gunshot wound. >> reporter: the family member i understand went inside that home? >> what we know is that a family member went inside the home and said something was wrong and called 911. the fire engine crew was the first unit to arrive at the scene. as soon as the engine crewed arrived they saw that they were dealing with two people who were dead ins
off. they employ about 70 people. it's all the more reason the owner told us he has reached out to contractors to start rebuild. fire investigators are still looking for the cause. >>> weather wise for all the trick or treaters, i think the weather is holding up pretty nicely. a few showers approaching western maryland have not made it in yet. there's a little bit of rain south of richmond, virginia. as we look at some of the temperatures, to the north mid to upper 40s. so it is chilly points north. i think we'll fall steadily through the 50s and into the 40s. cloudy and cool, perhaps a shower or two. we have much more coming up. >>> for those of you who took this weekend to pack it up for the sarasota or the keys, we're july lus-- jealous. those who went north, went right into the teeth of the storm. >> reporter: all it took is one winter pounding to make northeasterners long for those days when the summer hit from a hurricane was the biggest fear. it turns out this year's most freakish weather event was a snowstorm. no trick or treaters. >> it's too dangerous. >> reporter: som
, that crashes and exploded. and jeff, what do you have for us? >> the main roads, in harper counties, one remains closed at the dam as the cleanup work intensified. >> tractor trailer, went out of control, just off the dam from the north side. >> the driver survived. explosion with severe burns. it's the load of diesel, his rig is carrying that threatened the river and its wetlands. >> 7500-gallons, was going to deliver up the road another two miles. you could see the marks on the bridge where he began to roll over the trailer park, scorched the guardrail that started to rip open the vessel and followed through and came to rest are right behind me. >> the fire reduced to embers, workers of the environment. the u.s. coast guard and instill cleanups are, are trying to keep the toxic oil types from taking the toll on the river. >> diesel fuel. it's a fuel. so it gets in and contaminate the water way. we have absorbent material. we ditched the area below the dam. we don't want it to affect the wildlife and fish. >> ironically the crash came less than a week before totals will climb along inte
. the square is a public space, it's not for that reason. >> the draft they have given us is not acceptable. we are trying to work with them to figure something out. >> reporter: now the mayor hasn't said the police will be sent in. the protesters say they will be out tonight and every night until their message is heard. we will have more on the story coming up tonight at six. reporting live,abc 2news. >> the marches in other cities have gotten the violent. in oakland california police cracked down on the protesters last night. armed in full riot gear. they used tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse the crowds. they have been camped out in a downtown plaza but the mayor said it wasn't safe and ordered them out. police said they gave warnings but the group stayed. >>> now to atlanta protesters were kicked out just before midnight. officers ordered them to leave the park. police moved in less than 24 hours after the mayor decided to revoke the order letting protesters camp out. some left in handcuffs. >>> we have the latest an an early morning fire. officials say one person suffered minor smo
more on this. >> >> baltimore county police charged brandon with multiple counts. police say he used the incompetent net to find young boys. >> >> reporter: in real-life, brandon henry was 22 yearses old and lived with his parents, but on facebook, he was braiden clark and police say depending on who he was talking to, he was 19 or 17 years old. online, he talked about being gay and that he was a sheltered home schooled kid that loved music. police say in real-life, he was a predator who used facebook and the social media to find young boys. >> police say that he was able to make friends with his alleged victims through his fake facephuket pre file and used e-mail to follow up with the people he met. if it wasn't for the mother of one of the victims paying attention to her son's online activities, the case may not have come to light. they are asking others to do the same. >> it's not unusual that sexual predators have more than one victim. we have found two involving this suspect. we fear there will be more. >> reporter: >> police are trying to see if there are any more victims in th
of the issues back to a computer that was being used by michael wilson. they did execute a search warrant and able to recover evidence leading to the charges. >> reporter: ed mited that he downloaded images of children some as young as toddlers having sex with adults. they found images on a computer and discs stored in a safe in his house. and this news makes the neighbors very uneasy. >> our niece and nephew are here and we walk the puppy all the time past that house. and it makes me think like a creep lives there and you walk by that house with little kids all the time. it makes you think that he's looking out the window or what. >> reporter: in a statement released this afternoon, the tsa spokesman said that they hold their security officers to the highest standards and they are investigating. and they say that the alleges against this individual in no way reflect on the outstanding job that our more than 50,000 security officers do to ensure the safety of the public. >>> a top official with the centers for disease control and prevention facing some child porn and molestation and beast
economy? as brian tells us baltimore might be on the move. >> reporter: the economy of downtown baltimore may just be looking up, which is what you will see many people doing near pratt street as the old building is being renamed the transamerican building. >>> 700 employees will soon move in on the floors left vacant. it is just one of the positive signs in downtown as 2010 saw almost 7000 jobs created and more businesses signing leases. a trend officials admit is a bit slower in 2011 but still on the uptake. >> state finance is a big one for downtown. a lot of square feet. the space that was vacated has been filled within a year. >> coming up hear what other baltimore company is planning to expand and how many jobs that could bring. >> back to the national economy now stocks were up after positive news on employment but while the nation added more than 100,000 jobs last month unemployment does remain stuck at over 9%, as karen travers tells us that is fueling protests all around the country. >> the news was good but not good enough. the nation added jobs, more than expected but the unem
center garage in ball mow. a man was shot after treated for stab wounds. brian kuebler joins us and says this could have been bad luck. >> the victim a 45-year-old man and police say his condition has been upgraded. beyond that, there are still few details as to who did this, and why. university of police stand where last night's shooting happened in the parking garage in the middle of maryland medical complex in downtown baltimore, a remire of a sunetelling shooting in a unlikely place. >> if a guy is looking for money and he is going to get it one way or another, he don't care. it's a shame it is that way. that's the way it is. >> sources tell abc2 news the evidence points to this being a random shooting. the victim, who was at the hospital consulting with his doctor about a stabbing injury, may not have known the man who shot him three times. police say now they have very few leads and have a generic description of the shooter. police do say the victim remains at an area hospital and has been upgraded to serious condition. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> police in howard county need you
its projected cost or possible locations it wasn't going to be for us. a repeated request for interviews were denied. we were told this site is one of more than 20 possible locations. the county won't comment until engineers narrow down the list. homeowners say they have been told this site tops the list and they continue to appeal to the county executive for help. >> we are grateful to the department of public works that they are considering the alternate sites but we need for the county exivive to just step in and speak for us and render this site not eligibleful. >> the county will hold amite next thursday at 6:00 p.m. >> not much rain this afternoon but it's still cloudy and the winds just howling. coastal flood advisories, had a little flooding along the edge of the harbor, enhanced high tides and the windy conditions helping stack up the water and the wind gusts around 22 to 26. we will fall from the 60s to the 50s as it stays windy. more on the weekend, what kind of fall weather we get. it's coming up. >> thank you. could a state senate man majority leader be pr
authorities say mutilated at least two adopted cats last spring pleaded guilty today. brian kuebler tells us what e than faces for the crimes against animals. >> he could face three years in prison for shooting and killing a cat with a bb gun and nearly beating another to death. he pleaded guilty to adopting the cats and abusing them. the pet stuffed blueprint force trauma which led a vet to be suspicious. and the 20 yield brought a cat back to the spca deceased. disturbing cases of animal cruelty, animal loves are glad to see prosecuted and the police have been thorough in the investigation and made sure they were treating these seriously. it was good to see that these weren't simply brushed aside because it was just animals. >> coming up at 6:00 we will have more reaction and tell you when he will learn his fate for the crimes. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> early voting for the general election in the city started today. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is running against alfred griffin. the fist time rawlings blake has run for mayor. council and president races will be decided by december 8
as the constitution calls upon us to do that every 10 years you have to make adjustments because of population growth because of population shifts. >> reporter: president miller acknowledges because of maryland's uneven borders, this process can be difficult. >> our state is odd shaped. it's divided in half by the chesapeake bay. >> reporter: many senators feel the process is unfair. >> politics seem to be the overriding concern, not citizen's rights, not communities that come together. >> reporter: the senate will meet tonight and hope to have a proposal by tomorrow. legislators should have redacting finallallized by friday. >> there will be a hearing on a possible increase to the gas tax. >>> the president wants to create jobs, he says, by increasing the number of road construction projects in the state. right now maryland doesn't have room for those added expenses. that's why the governor wants to look at a gas tax. some leaders in the statehouse agree with the governor. >> we want to put people to work. i think the governor is 100% correct. we also want to look at fast tracking projects and also
to what montgomery county police told us. >> we have camera footage of curtis lopez, the suspect in this case, with william at a storage facility at the 13000 block of wisteria drive in german town. the footage is from the morning of october 1st. >> police searched different trails and parks based on the tips they received. this discovery was made shortly before 9:00 this morning. >> thanks. >>> jury selection started in the trial of a man accused of killing a hess gas station worker. he is accused of murdering ray porter in a murder-for-hire scheme. it happened in march of last year on joppa road in baltimore county. carla porter goes on trial next year. >>> a third person has been charged in connection with a speed camera being vandalized earlier this month. he is charged with trespassing and malicious destruction of property. two 17-year-olds were also charged. they hooked up a chain to the back have you a pickup truck and pulled down the camera. surveillance footage helped police catch all three. >>> so we squeaked out another day with sunshine. we had a few more clouds but s
to evacuate. it happened at the baltimore rising star academy. investigators tell us some students were taken to johns hopkins for evaluation. >> winter is just around the corner. if you get your gas and electric from bge, you might have a saving. the company announced the price was down two cents per thermal unit. that should translate into a 5% savings and said folks with electric heat should be able to save a few bucks because the cost of generating electricity is down 10 cents per kilowatt per hour to nine cents but they say how much you benefit depends on you. the savings you receive could also vary on the type of winter we va the savings are based on a normal winter and not an extremely cold winter. >>> abc2 is working with you. the carrier corporation said remove the clutter, boxes, storage units and clutter near the furnace that block the air flow. maintain your furnace and make sure it's in good condition and change that air filter. a dirty filter slows the flow of air and makes your system work harder. look for leaks around the doors and windows. add a humidifier. moist air feels wa
atm skimming is a big problem. it's on the rise. the gear being used now is more high end than ever and you will find the latest stat shocking. we are working for you asking security experts for details at how you can protect yourself. >> reporter: maury uses her debit card from everything from groceries to gas. >> my husband went to get gas and the card was denied. we knew we had money. >> reporter: a quick call to the bank and they learned more than $400 was gone. >> it was at zero. we didn't know how to pay the bills. >> reporter: her bank believes she was a victim of skimming. it happens when someone steals your debit or credit card's strip data. it can happen during routine atm transactions, false card readers and hidden wireless cameras are used by robbers to swipe the bank account information and pin numbers. >> down load that information and they will have it and they will go create a fake card. >> reporter: or they will sell the information online. curt is with the electronic funds transfer association and said theft from atm skimming now tops one billion dollars a year.
thank you to those who joined us for the susan g. komen. it looks like registration was about 32,300, thanks to refer ever-- to everyone who walked and ran. abc2 is a proud son corp and make sure you check out our slideshow from the race. we have all kinds of pictures. >> abc2 also teamed up with wpoc radio for a comben event last -- komen event last night. girls at the hippodrome. they raised more money for breast cancer research. thanks again to everyone who attended and for wpoc. >>> it really has been a month of races, walk-a-thons and pink products everywhere you look pink products that promised to support breast cancer are still on the shelfs. tonight's consumer reporter shows us why not all pink is the same. >> reporter: stores are filled with pink products promoting cancer research. before you snap up all those items, you may want to think before you go pink. it's not just pink soup cans anymormt hundreds of -- anymore, hundreds of brands have gone pink. >> my mom breast cancer about nine years ago. she was the love of my life. >> reporter: pink products contribute to a g
in the bushes. the church tells us this is a good thing. i'm afraid the church has not proven itself to be trust worthy. >> the neighbors didn't learn for the plans until the preacher announced it in the sunday service two week as ago. >> the men would rotate between churches and only occupy the house 10 days out of each month through april. people with go to a meeting tonight at 7:00. >>> you can get ready for a easier ride in harper county. the interchange at 924 is officially open. roosevelt with more on how the drive is going. a lot of folks have waited for this to open up. >> reporter: a lot of folks have waited for it to open up. it's traffic is moving and it's rush hour, this is part of the reason they wanted to get this done, to alleviate the traffic in the hush hour time. it can really get backed up with traffic on 95. people are going to like this thing one they get used to it. look at what i'm talking about. it took two years of construction to redo the intersection but this will allow for easier access and egress to the shopping center and to you-95 as well. this has been notorious f
this morning, found a 20-year-old fighting for her life. her escape lead her to this woman who asked us to hide her identity. >> she was banging on my door. she was on the ground because she couldn't walk. she jumped out the window because two men were in her house beating her with a crowbar demanding money. she had no money and made it out the window. >> reporter: you can see where the robbers busted through the front door and the open window on the second floor where the victim made the leap to save her life. >> the officers found that a 20-year-old had been assaulted when two suspects forced their way in. they are two black males, 5. >> reporter: paramedics took her to shock trauma where she is being treated. >> she has a broken ankle, wrist, gashes on her legs, got hit in the back of her head. >> reporter: just last month someone attempted a similar break-in at the home of an unidentified couple just across the street who have since moved out. we are told one of those targeted was pregnant. this time the victim had nowhere to run and her god mother said it doesn't surprise her that the y
to remind drivers to take extra precaution. double check this make sure the car doors are locked and use a steering wheel lock and try to park close to your home. anyone with information should call the regional auto theft tip line. you can also call metro crime stoppers or text to 246 -- also go to or website, metro crime stoppers dot organize. >>> definitely a taste of fog to start the workweek, but don't get used to it. summer may be coming back. >> it's been days and weeks it seems like this murky weather and none of it letting up. we still have a few showers, but still doing to be wet up i-83 and a new for rain showers in the western part of the state between hagerstown and unseasonably cool, cooler than average. this evening we keep it cool, huge improvements in the forecast. they begin in less than 24 hours. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> with this chanking weather, you want to keep up. download the weather app. with the app you can plan around the storm and get a seven-day forecast in the palm of your hand. just head to our website, there you can find
safe. >> kins always responded -- hopkins always responded adequately. >> reporter: it's so well used that there are security cameras on the street in just a block away. police have a close working ropings with campus security and they're asking students to pay attention. >> the biggest thing, if you're going to travel late at night, bring a companion. it's best to travel in numbers. >> reporter: the description of the suspect is very vague. city police are looking for the suspect. if you have any information, call police. >>> a cockeysville man is behind bars after a women said he had sexually abused her over a two-year period. hoe took her to a -- he took her to a hotel several times. bond is set at $1 million. >>> baltimore county county have made an arrest in the shooting of a social security worker. gary stokes, jr. shot the worker. the victim was taken to the hospital. the building was on lockdown as less searched for the suspect. >>> tonight a series of maryland's cold cases continue with tiona smith. the 23-year-old's body was found in woodlawn miles away from her home and wor
valley. so join us live from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning as we partner up with the susan g. koman women and the huge fundraiser to fight breast cancer. it will take place on sunday, october 23rd. and it's still not too late to register. go to our website at pink or susan g. we have a special section on for all the awareness that you need to know. >>> bank of america and wells fargo are adding on new debit card fees. and now congress is getting involved. we'll tell you how. >>> and passengers that can not fit in a typical airline seat will not have to pay for two anymore. we'll tell you which airline is making the change. >>> annapolis police have been getting reports of men driving around taking pictures of children. i'm don harrison. i have that story right here on abc 2. >>> six women and two men dead after a shooting rampage in california. and the police have a man in custody and why they believe he did t. >>> why families with autistic children are turning to tablets and what experts have to say about this. >>> what is that guy taking pictu
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